Monday, March 23, 2009

My Dinner with AD...

What I can possibly say about meeting the one, the only, the Ambulance Driver? Well, let's see. For starters, he's got great taste in gifts for hosts (more later...). He's just as funny in person as he is in print - and that's saying quite a bit. It was hard not to squee like the little fanboi bitch I am, but I think I managed to make it through the entire evening without saying "ZOMG! AD!"

Well, not more than three or four dozen times...

Who else was there? Let's see...

Commenter wally
Heath and his wife Amanda (from OH!!!)
Lissa and her fiance Mike
Steve and Larry (friends of TOTWTYTR)
commenter and fellow NES'r Ross
Ken and Katie
Sci-fi & B
Liz & Bill
MedicMatthew (a thousand apologies, Matthew!!!)

Apologies if I've missed anyone else, my brain had pretty much turned to tapioca by the end of the night. Over the course of the evening, we managed to discuss Star Wars, Star Trek, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, the Simpsons, the two lever-action rifles mounted over the wall at the back of restaurant and why they may or may not have been exempt from MA's "safe storage" laws, the .17 HMR round, Porsches, Corvettes, road rage, motorcycles, and the ineptitude of the Obama administration.

For starters.

Oh, and since we were in the Volksrepublik of MA and were quite reluctant to show our carry pieces, we opted for the next best thing: BLADES! Naturally, I couldn't resist a picture:

Missing: One Ginsu

Had we not been given steak knives, we still could have gotten the job done. Quite well. Some of us (Ross) could have have gotten by without forks... Closest we got to comparing other weaponry was weer'dbeard and I showing off our spare magazines in the parking lot after they closed the restaurant... :)

I'll try to update more tomorrow. Right now, it's damn late as I type this and tomorrow is another big day. We're all meeting at Harvard Sportsmen's Club for a day of shootie goodness, including some trigger time for some folks who have never shot before. So not only do I get to go shooting with AD, but I get to score a new shooter as well.

Sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you're the bug. Right now, I'm happy to be the windshield...

That is all.


breda said...

Wow - I should have taken Heath up on his offer and hitched a ride with him!

Snarky said...

I was about to say, you totally screamed like a little fanboy bitch at LEAST once when during that dinner. To say you didn't... tsk tsk, you know better than to lie!

Wish I coulda been there... Sad face.

Lissa said...

Many thanks, Jay, for organizing!

And LOL Breda -- I was sitting next to Heath and Amanda, and when I heard they were from Ohio I immediately squealed, "Oo, do you know Breda??"

Anonymous said...

Great time, Jay. (the steak was forgettable, but the company was great!) It was fantastic meeting AD, and I hope I didn't squick him out by almost squealing ZOMG AD!!! like you. ;-)

It would be amusing to find a venue with a private function room so that next time we can get pix of all the carry pieces.

scotaku said...

I had a great time. The steak was "meh," but then I wasn't there for the food, really. I didn't hear any squealing, but then I did show up late enough to have to sit at the "kiddy" table... :D

TOTWTYTR said...

Sadly, the Hilltop is not what it once was. The menu is the same, but the quality of the food seems to have gone down a couple of notches.

That aside, it was a terrific time. JayG was, well I guess the term is, his usual energetic self.

A good time was had by all and yes Breda, you should have hitched a ride with Heath, a good number of us would have loved to meet you.

Jay G said...


You should have! It's not like you take up a lot of room... :)

I dunno, though, if the room could have handled three internet celebrities, though...


Oh hell yeah. I've been a fan of AD's since, well, the beginning, pointed in his direction by, well, TOTWTYTR.


It was entirely my pleasure. When I heard that AD was going to be in the area, I (almost literally) jumped at the chance to get a group together to fĂȘte him properly...

(And as a side note, she really did squeal. It was very cute! Lissa gets mondo bonus points for being brave enough to introduce Mike to our insane little clown posse...)


You know what? I think a summer cookout would be a proper venue for just such an occasion. Wonder if we could get AD up sometime in July?

Hell, I've got a big backyard - Marko could bring the Munchkins with him this time!


Thanks again for making the trek. I'm sorry to hear the food was meh - I thought my steak tips were good - but glad you enjoyed it even at the "kiddie" table (he *was* sitting with a handful of young'uns... Just kidding zeeke42 and Ken & Katie!)


Heh. My usual energetic self, eh? You could have used a polite euphemism like enthusiastic. Or then again, you could have spoken truthfully, like clinically fucking insane...

Then again, stick you in a room with 40 screaming 7 - 11 year olds for four hours and see how much sanity you have left...


Old NFO said...

Glad it went well! Looking forward to the pictures :-)

Weer'd Beard said...

It was a good time Jay! Thanks for hosting us!

And in defense of you, by my count your carry load is 26 rounds of .45 ACP...while mine only rocks 25 : ]

Of course my gun was designed by the Prophet of God. I think we have a tie!

Anonymous said...

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