Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's HERE!!!

Yes, today is the day we've all been waiting for... drumroll please...

Buy A Gun Day!!!

Weer'd Beard nailed my purchase in his comment to my post yesterday:

Has anybody guessed Browning HP?

Not until you did, Weer'd, and you were right...

Yes, even though I mentioned wanting a new .22LR auto-loader, Ruger 10/22, or M1 Garand, I bought none of those. I had a gorgeous Belgian-made FN/Hi-Power made for the Argentinian Police force practically fall into my lap, and wasn't about to pass on the opportunity. Picked it up for a very good price - about $200 - $300 less than the C&R Hi-Powers generally run, and actually a good deal less than a new Mark III (in a free state; we won't talk about the premium they command here in MA).

Pictures on Friday, of course.

Now, since the Hi-Power was introduced nearly 60 years before the Assault Weapons Ban, SOMEONE'S gotta have a line on pre-ban magazines for me... I've only got one, and it's going to be a crying shame to have to reload the mag after each time shooting... If anyone's got an extra 13-round (or larger!) mag, I'd be interested in talking...

So, what did y'all get? I'd like to keep a running tally, just so we can make Sarah Brady cry...

That is all.

UPDATE: Commenter Bob S. is my first taker for BAG purchases! Bob got a Taurus Millenium Pro PT-145 in the very manly (and MArooned-recommended) .45 ACP.

Commenter Popcorn got a new trigger for her* 10/22.
*a thousand apologies, ma'am!

Weambulance got the following:

Five pistols in the last thirteen days. Two high capacity assault pistols: XD45 Tactical & Glock 20 with a pile of mags each. Two new carry guns: Kahr P9 and a Colt Detective Special hardly used. And, since I'm moving to Alaska in the summer, a S&W 629-4 6" 44 Magnum to go with the 657 Mountain Gun (41 Magnum) I already had. No picture yet, but I'll have one up on my blog later today.

(A blog which blogrolls MArooned. Mental Note: Add for Friday update!)

Nice pick-ups!!! There's a second gun in the works for me, but I won't say boo until after the coming weekend...

Did it MY way got a Para PDA in (of course) .45 ACP

BillH joins the EBR brigade!

Commenter RipRip reports a Kel Tec Sub2000 in 9mm.

Commenter TNProgrammer got a Ruger LCP.

Commenter angus lincoln got two guns, a Yugo M70 underfolder and a Romanian PSL. 7.62x39 and 7.62x54r respectively.

Tam got a Marlin 980S. Lurves me some bolt-action .22LR goodness!


Popcorn said...

New trigger for my 10/22

zeeke42 said...

No luck with the mag pointer I sent? You're gonna love the Hi-Power. By far the most comfortable in the hand double stack out there.

Brad_in_MA said...


Good enough for Connie dT, good enough for you. Well done sir, well done.

- Brad

Anonymous said...

I kinda went all out this year. Five pistols in the last thirteen days. Two high capacity assault pistols: XD45 Tactical & Glock 20 with a pile of mags each. Two new carry guns: Kahr P9 and a Colt Detective Special hardly used. And, since I'm moving to Alaska in the summer, a S&W 629-4 6" 44 Magnum to go with the 657 Mountain Gun (41 Magnum) I already had. No picture yet, but I'll have one up on my blog later today.

Unknown said...

Good choice my man.

Mine: Para PDA and in .45ACP of course.

Jay G said...


Details, man, details! Volquartsen?


Haven't tried yet. I'm not a huge fan of having stuff shipped to out-of-state, simply because it entails "creative" financing, etc.

Plus it can't hurt to ask, right? :)


Thank'ee, kind sir.

And yes, it will be coming on Sunday...


NICE!!! Holy crap, and I thought I was doing good with two (more on #2 next week).

Did it MY way,

Very nice indeed! I notice a plethora of guns in JMB (PBUH)'s own caliber. Excellent!

Weer'd Beard said...

I knew you'd been eyeing an HP for a while now, it was only a logical guess when picking a JMB gun for BAG Day.

So the big question, does it have a disconnect, and if so will you keep it in the gun?

Wally said...

Jay, try Sarco or CDNN for the mags. Shotgun news should be full of listings... The Hipower is "ban friendly" due to the decades of pre-ban production.

I couldn't find anything that I really wanted for BAG day this year. There's a nice ruger 357/9mm revolver that caught my fancy for a bit but I passed.

Instead, I celebrated BAG day as BSS day (buy some stamps) - I put in for permits to build one short barrel rifle and two silencers. I expect approval around early September :(

BTW, I hope the above paragraph is legal to read in PRM !

Brad_in_MA said...

Check your mail. Sent you a note about Sunday -- all good. See you then.

Popcorn said...

Oui, I ordered a Volquartsen trigger group for my 10/22 in preparation for the Patriot's Day Appleseed. Should arrive by 4 PM today. Had a most unusual theology class yesterday, featuring speculation by one of my students on the weapons used in CPT Phillips' rescue and the upcoming arrival of the Little Brown Truck of Joy today.

(And for the record I'm a member of the "she" group. No big deal.)

Jay G said...


Yup. What really kills me, though, is that RIGHT after I committed to buying the Hi-Power, a GORGEOUS Colt 1903 came up for sale at a ridiculously low price.

Damn, damn, damn.

I have like 300 rounds of .32 ACP and nothing to shoot it in. Whatever will I do? *g*


I don't believe *anyone* will ship mags with > 10 round capacity into MA, regardless if they're pre-ban or not. One of the online places had Sig 226 15 round mags listed as "pre-ban" for $30 each, and I tried to order a couple. No go, even though they were pre-ban...

I'm jealous on the suppressors - shooting a suppressed firearm is a lot of fun. Not a lot of experience with SBRs, but I'm envious anyways. We *can* have SBRs in MA, but not SBSs...


Read and replied... :)


It figures. 50:50 chance and I get it wrong. I'll update...

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous of the Hi Power for sure. The first day I started my BAG day shopping I went all around town looking for a Hi Power, any Hi Power. No dice. They don't stay in shops here for more than 48 hours.

Of course, it's a good point Wally made about magazine availability. I guess it's better to have the XD45 and a ton of mags now, with the danger of another AWB looming. I'll buy a Hi Power next year.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I had good luck with Cheaper Than Dirt trying to get mags into NY a few years back. NY has its own AWB, but this was before the expiration of the 94 ban anyway. I order four 17rd mags for my father's Ruger P95, generic make, and they shipped them no questions asked.

But I guess NY, while just as ridiculous about magazines, isn't quite as notorious as MA. You only see 'will not ship any mags to NY' notices half as much as the MA ones.

Jay G said...


Cheaper than Dirt will ship NOTHING even vaguely gun-related - think "Glock T-shirt" or even a bandolier - into MA. NOTHING.

I get their flyers from time to time, and they go STRAIGHT into the recycling pile.

As for the Browning, it all but literally fell into my lap. The asking price was fabulous, and the seller even dropped it a bit for me.

Re: Mag disconnect (for Weer'd's question) - I'm going to leave it intact for now.

I'm kinda curious about getting a military issue through C&R, like an honest-to-goodness Nazi gun - to be in line with my Colt 1911 - and if so, this one might get some work done.

It's cheap enough that I wouldn't mind having work done on it *IF* I have another "collector" Hi-Power to keep pristine...

BillH said...

I finally picked up a poodle-shooter. My BAG Day gun is a Rock River AR15, 20" A4 w/detachable handle. Picture on my blog.

RipRip said...

I picked up a Kel Tec Sub2000 in 9mm

Anonymous said...

Man. That's horrible. Since I got stationed in TX, I don't keep up on any of that anymore; but I remember was it was like in NY, and I'll just magnify that by 10 or so.

As much as it would suck for the freedom loving inmates, I kind of wish all the gun companies, ammo companies, and whatnot would Ronnie Barrett any state with such ridiculous laws. Maybe when the cops are down to three mags +1 of ammo each with no company willing to sell to them and no support for broken guns, things would change. I realize that's about as likely as Obama delivering my unicorn, but that's the kind of pressure it takes for the statists to give back any power they've grabbed.

Almost my whole extended family lives in NY, and I love my town. There are few better places to grow up. But I will not live there again; in fact I will go $50,000 into debt paying for college to live MY life, not the life the NYC rulers allow me.

Phase II: convince my family to move elsewhere so I never have to set foot in NY again...

zeeke42 said...

Actually Jay, SBSs are legal in MA. The only wrinkle is you can't make it by shortening a Title I shotgun. It has to be an SBS from the factory.

Jay G said...

BillH and RipRip, you've been added to the tally, thanks!


Preachin' to the choir, my friend. Sure would be nice to see that LEO exemption stricken - I wonder how many Police Unions would support these politicians if they had to abide by the same rules the gun-grabbers foist on the rest of us?


Ahhhhh, that's right. We can't make an SBS, that's the prohibition.

Isn't that just the silliest thing? You can own one, but you have to buy it that way.

With the appropriate paperwork, I can order up a Serbu Shorty Mossberg shotgun, but I can't cut my old SBS down past 18"...

Just weird...

Brad_in_MA said...

Not weird . . . Orwellian. Eventually if there are enough rules & laws, the ruling class will not only confound us commoners, the commoners will eventually break a law in the normal course of every day life. When that happens, the gov't will have to step in and make things right. Its a conspiracy I tell ya, a conspiracy.

BTW - saw response. Thx.

- Brad

TNProgrammer said...

Ruger LCP here, picked it up this morning. Praps i should look into this blog thing.

angus lincoln said...

I wheeled and dealed my way into a pair of rifles that would create some of the most PSH that I could think of;
Yugo M70 underfolder and a Romanian PSL. 7.62x39 and 7.62x54r respectively. Here's their portrait:

Just tryin' to stimulate .

Jay G said...

TNProgrammer and angus, you've been added to the list.

And Angus, nothing personal, but I hate you...

(seriously, NICE!!!)

Unknown said...

I'm lookin' foreward to the day when you might find yourself up in the northern part of NH and have the time to burn up some ammo with me.Just shoot me an email. Think "Bike tour route".

Mike W. said...

I got nuthin this year, but had I bought something it would have been one of these 4

Browning HP
Para 18.9 LDA 9mm
S&W 432PD

Tam said...

I got a Marlin .22!

Bram said...

I was thinking Sarco too. I've seen them advertising Argentinentian Hi-Powers and 13-round mags.

I will be there next week shopping for Arisaka parts - e-mail me if they don't ship to MA.

Baker M. Romeo said...

I got a Kahr CW9, and then I made boiled peanuts! Behold:

Firehand said...

I'd suggest Mec-Gar magazines; they make 13 and 15-rounders, they seem to be very good quality, and they're a bleep-lot less expensive than Brownings.

LM said...

I planned ahead for BAG day

CMP Service grade Garand... ordered January, received a few days ago.

Del-ton upper... ordered December, still waiting.

Jake (formerly Riposte3) said...

Belated BAG day. Kel-Tec P3AT, for only $15!

Of course, that's really $15 + trading a Colt Junior (.25ACP).

I'll have pictures on my site later tonight.

Unknown said...

Where did you find 45 Winchester White Box?

All our Walmart's seem to have been out for the past 4 months.

Jake (formerly Riposte3) said...

As promised, pictures are up!