Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sick To My Stomach...

I mentioned our Cub Scout overnight earlier this week. I just got an e-mail from one of the Den leaders. Apparently, there was more than just pre-teen boy mischief going on after I left - rumors abound of parents who were getting drunk, using BB guns without permission, and even marijuana use.

Words cannot begin to express how angry, betrayed, and outright sick to my stomach I am right now.

Parents are, rightfully, questioning how this could happen. Stories are circulating in the school, and with each telling the behavior gets more and more outrageous. We're being told that we're being reported to the District Council. That parents are considering pulling their boys out of the Pack.

I wasn't there for the overnight part - my son and I left after the big bonfire and all marshmallows were roasted. I can't verify or deny the rumors. All I can say is that I personally didn't witness any drug or alcohol use. We have confirmed that the BB guns were locked in the Pack Committee chairman's car, so I think that's a dead-end there.

We are going to have to draft a "Rules of Conduct" for the "Adult Partners" (That's how BSA refers to the grown-up that must accompany a Cub Scout). I cannot begin to stress how sad, hurt, and pissed off I am that we have to do this. That we have to tell ADULTS that they shouldn't CONSUME AN ILLEGAL SUBSTANCE in the presence of 7-11 year old boys. That we need to remind them that alcohol is strictly prohibited. That we need to send off a notice telling our Scouts' parents and caregivers to ACT LIKE RESPONSIBLE FUCKING ADULTS.

Forgive me, folks. I'm taking this a little personally here. The other leaders and I invested a lot of time in this overnight - this is the first we've done an overnight - and to hear rumors of inappropriate behavior and how it's souring folks on Scouting, well... Needless to say, my already-low impression of my fellow man has dropped several notches lower.

I don't know what to say. I'll continue to do it as long as they'll have me and my son wants to stay in Scouts. But I'm going to be looking over my shoulder from now on.


Anonymous said...

My first thought on reading this is... are you sure it happened? You said "rumors" and every time I hear that word - my every faculty goes on alert.

Until you have some facts to back things up. Stop and take a deep breath. It's possible there was something bad going on. It's equally possible that someone is simply trying to cause trouble.

I don't know how you investigate this and find out the truth... but I'd first try very hard to get the facts - especially who started the rumor. I've seen this stuff happen before where people were slandered because of someone's idiot notion that they wanted to "get back" at another person or group.

Get the facts first. Don't go by rumor!!!

And I'm hoping it all turns out well for you and the pack. *sigh*

Christine G. said...
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Christine G. said...

hey j -- i just left a long comment and opted to delete it. my husband was there on the overnight. nice to meet another parent/blogger from the woods up here.


anyway -- instead of my long comment, in which i agree with you and let you know what my husband and den mother shared with me, i'll invite you to email me at if you want to know some of the stuff that they saw.

to summarize it "a wonderful day was had, but the night was ruined by a handful." I believe that's what my den mother said.

all told -- my hope is that the few who ruined learn a lesson about being a role model, and suspending selfish desires for the sake of the boys. it isn't a "wild hogs" weekend. it is for the boys.


Jay G said...


I sent you an e-mail. Thanks for chiming in.

(On a side note, looks like my cover's been blown and I'll need to be extra-good from now on...*g*)

Christine G. said...

Yes -- you are "outed!"

I've been blogging since 2001, and i've said things and pissed people off. it's all good - be yourself. that's all you can do. be honest, drop Fbombs... i got no problem with that.

also, thanks for being conservative. i'm tired of my being moderate and being the most conservative of the people i'm surrounded by.

nice to meet you. perhaps i'll see ya at the halloween party, but only if i sign the code of conduct.


Jay G said...


Well, I'll be the guy attempting to run the Haunted Hallway. Should be easy to spot, being the only shaved head biker looking dude in the group. :)

I'd like to think I'm more libertarian than conservative, as I'm of the opinion that the government that governs least governs best. "Small government is beautiful" - Carla Howell, who I campaigned for during her 2000 run for Teddy's seat...

Christine G. said...

libertarian is okay by me.
as long as you're not a moooooooooooooonbat.


if you need any more scary people for haunted hallway, my daughter jess is an awesome actress.

and your posting has caused a comment discussion war over at universal hub. very interesting.

Jay G said...

Considering that the only other folks I have signed up to help with the haunted hallway are my wife and 4 year old daughter, I'll be happy to take her help if she'd like... :)

I've been over to UH, and thought I left a comment, but I can't find it anywhere...

Christine G. said...

it's there. just read it.

Anonymous said...

Good luck as you sort this one out.