Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Gunnie Resolutions

Okay. It's January First. We've bid adieu to 2008; 2009 stretches before us like a fresh canvas, a blank slate upon which we can record our grandest expectations and best intentions. And then promptly pick it up like a giant Etch-A-Sketch™, add alcohol, and shake it clear once again...

Okay, it might be the hangover talking, but I think I'm mixing my metaphors...

There are many things we all need to work on. Daily exercise. Eating more healthy. Reading more. Expanding our minds rather than our waistbands; working on bettering ourselves for the good of humanity, yadda yadda yadda. That comes later. Right now, it's all about the rich gunnie goodness.

So, without further interruption, here's Jay G's New Year's Gunnie Resolutions. In 2009, I pledge to:

  • Practice dry firing at least twice a week.
  • Practice drawing from concealment once a week.
  • Go shooting at least twice a month.
  • Take at least one course this year.
  • Help out at the gun club for at least two events.
  • Sign up at least five new people to GOAL and the NRA
  • Instruct at last three new shooters.
  • Start reloading.
  • Purchase at least half a dozen new (to me) guns.
  • Carry whenever possible.

What are your Gunnie Resolutions for 2009?

That is all.


Borepatch said...

Good resolutions, all.

Happy 2009, Jay!

Anonymous said...

Nice list.

My list starts with renting an AR-15 (convincing WS that I really have to have one too), taking a class (signed up already), trying some larger calibers on handguns than 9mm, practice, practice and practice some more.

Jay G said...

Thanks Ted!


Y'know, I happen to have an AR-15 clone and numerous handguns larger than 9mm if'n you're interested (you're in NH, right?)

Always more than happy to share the gunnie goodness.

Right, Ted? *g*

Les Jones said...

The Glock 19 is on order.

Looking to snag an AR-15, either a complete one or the parts to build up the lower I've already got.

Buy more hi-cap mags.

Buy more ammo. At least 200 rounds/month.

Buy a .22LR silencer.

Anonymous said...

gunnie resolutions for 09 :

I just got my CCW instructor credentials renewed, so hoping to teach a few classes.

Definitely going to shoot a few highpower matches.

Making a few dozen stainless AR lowers, from ingot... :)

And chatting with the GF about CCW. We were talking about moving to VA today and I mentioned that open carry is required in restraunts. "Good, we should know who all the wacko nutcases are" and I was a little dubfounded. She knows I have pistols, she has owned a pistol, knows I have holsters, knows I have carry permits, but hasnt quite put it all together.... (or Im a nutcase) But I guess that means that my concealment is working.

Anonymous said...

My resolutions, Jay?

1 - get my NRA Instructor credentials - to go with my RSO creds and my Appleseed Instructor creds.

2 - attend more IDPA shoots - gotta get back into practice.

3 - get more of my friends shooting.

4 - Drag Jay G, kicking and screaming if necessary, to an APPLESEED SHOOT so I can teach him how to use those long arms of his the Appleseed Way and tell him the story of April 19th, 1775. And once he shoots a Rifleman score, get him to accept an orange hat of an Instructor In Training so that he can go out and teach MORE people.

Anonymous said...

Y"'know, I happen to have an AR-15 clone and numerous handguns larger than 9mm if'n you're interested (you're in NH, right?)"

I might have to take you up on that invite some time!

Jay G said...


The G19 is an excellent choice - small enough to carry, but big enough that it's not too hard for a new shooter to use.

As for the AR-15, I opted for the complete rifle since I'm lazy... Also, it would not surprise me in the least if the next AWB contained some verbiage about guns being in "complete" or "usable" form to be grandfathered.

Magazines with capacity > 10 rounds aren't just an accessory - they're an investment...


See my apprehension to Les about lowers. While they're good to have, of course, I can't help but worry that any new legislation will be aimed at preventing "new" guns from hitting the market - much like CA does now.

As for the comments, well...

The only way I can see that as not entirely bad is if she's referring to the "in your face" open carry people - like the ones that stood up in the restaurant and made a scene about being armed. Those people make me a little nervous, and I'm about as pro-2A as you're likely to find...


I'm honored. Really.

Let me know when the next event (after Feb. 7th) comes around - I will make every effort to attend at least one day.


Just say the word. I don't think I have to say it, but the invitation extends to Mr. Bogie as well if'n you'd like (I mean, I can imagine the "Okay, honey, I'm off to go meet an armed shaved-head biker dude I met on the internet" might not go over too well with some folks...) :)

James R. Rummel said...

Good post.


Anonymous said...

"I mean, I can imagine the "Okay, honey, I'm off to go meet an armed shaved-head biker dude I met on the internet" might not go over too well with some folks...) :)"

Yeah that would be a problem 'cause all the armed biker dudes that we hang around with have hair :()

I'll pass along the invite - I'm sure he would be interested too.

Anonymous said...

Jay, re:lowers
There's a very good chance that any further bills would only grandfather arms fully assembled before the ban (as was the case in 94)
Also, with the new 4473 forms, BATF can accurately track who buys bare receivers. And that shows them who would attempt to assemble an arm without paying the Federal Excise Tax - so there may definitely be a "tax enforcement" spin on things.
But bare receivers to be assembled before the ban? There is nothing stopping anyone from stripping down a rifle, building one on the new receiver, then stripping it down again.... In fact you could be ultra cool about it and build them as pistols for their first assembly, so you can rebuild as pistols or rifles later.

Anonymous said...

The only gun club I plan to join this year is the gun of the month club.

Utah CWP class, does that count?

Go to Boomershoot!

Happy New Year from Idaho.

Anonymous said...

- Finish my NRA Shotgun Instructor certification (1/2 complete?!?)

- Get my NRA Pistol Instructor certification

- Spend 3 days at Thunder Ranch!