Saturday, January 24, 2009

Gunnie Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

Took two new shooters to the range today (full report - with pictures - on Monday!). While we were there, a 20-something came in with his girlfriend in (fearful) tow. He rented a 9mm pistol, bought a couple boxes of ammo and some silhouette targets, and started blasting away.

Completely oblivious to the fact that his girlfriend was not having a good time.

Then he hands her the gun. She looked at it like one would look at a toilet plunger after a bad weekend at og's. She took a shot. Had you placed a Madagascar hissing cockroach in her latte I doubt she'd have looked more ill-at-ease. She took another shot.

She put the gun down. "I don't like it!"

He shrugged and picked it up and emptied the magazine. Rapid fire, the best you could say for "accuracy" is that all rounds impacted the target (at 5 yards). She jumped every time the gun barked, spooked by the sturm und drang of this unfamiliar device. It was so bad the proprietors of the range came out and asked if they'd like to rent a .22. The boyfriend declined.

"We've shot 9mm before" was all he grunted.

I loaded up my S&W Model 17 and handed it to the young lady. I gave her a quick synopsis of revolver operation and how to line up the sights. She asked me to take the first shot - the gods of pistol shooting smiled on me, and the round impacted DFC. I handed the gun to her, moved to the side but still within arm's reach for support, and let her finish the cylinder.

"Oh! That's much better!" was her reply. As all five rounds landed in the center of the target (the center, mind you, which her boyfriend hadn't touched with three and a half magazines...)

The guy working the counter came back with a Ruger Mark III and two boxes of .22LR. The rest of the time there, the two of them shot the bull-barreled Ruger and complimented each others' shots. When I left with my two new shooters (that I started on the S&W Model 17 and 422, both .22s), the boyfriend had returned the Mark III and rented a GSG-5.

They were both smiling ear-to-ear as we left.

Total for the day: Two new shooters from my group, possibly a third in the young lady I introduced to the wonders of rimfire goodness. Life. Is. Good.

And then I get home and check my e-mail. A gentleman who asked my opinion on a new carry gun took my suggestion, bought a gun, and took it to the range - and loved it. One of my earlier new shooters has applied for his MA LTC - and is excited about the fact that he may be getting an unrestricted license.

It has been a banner day in Jay's gunnie universe.

That is all.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like that "fearful" girlfriend of that macho idiot needs a new boyfriend. What an idiot. You done good, my man. You done good.

danno said...

And a GoodOnYa for the guy behind the counter who ignored the "No thanks" and brought the Mark III out anyway!

He did us a great service

Heath J said...

Good work man, that's how it's done.

Big thumbs up bro.

Home on the Range said...

Good for you. I've seen too many young ladies come in and be "introduced" to shooting like that. It doesn't get them interesting, it only reinforces any stereotype they have.

Well done, my friend.

Andrew C said...

I was at the range last week working with my Browning Challenger II .22 and a guy showed up with his girlfriend and rented a 9mm in the lane next to me. After a few mags he handed it to his girlfriend and she didn't look at all comfortable with it. She put a few on the paper at 7 yards. I was really tempted to step in and have her try the .22, but I didn't think it was my place. Next time I might say something.

Old NFO said...

Good on ya Jay! Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

You must be a master of tact and charm, or did you just grab the guy by the throat? Excellent job, in any event!

Anonymous said...

Kudos, thumbs-up, etc for you, Jay!


Anonymous said...

Nice job - too many people would have given up on her as a "gun hater". You gave her the opportunity to shoot something more appropriate for her comfort level (none) and proved that an appropriate introduction to guns can dramatically change the outcome.

DJK said...

The GSG5 easily illicits ear to ear grins...