Tuesday, April 14, 2009

You Can't Make this Stuff Up!

Someone please tell me that this is not the new Presidential dog:


Yeah, I know, the girls picked him out, and that's eminently cool. Believe me, I know how important it is to let the kids make some of the decisions, especially something as intensely personal and committed as which type of pet to get.

But... Look at it! That's the pet of the leader of the free world!

Okay, so he is kinda cute, in a little "kick dog" kinda way... I just hope he doesn't get mistaken for a dust mop by the White House cleaning staff...

That is all.


Brad_in_MA said...

Porties (Portuguese Water Dogs) are serious dogs. Sure Bo's a cutie, but the dog's still only six months old. Ironically, they are a type of water spaniel -- what the Brits call a 'gun dog'. Heh.

- Brad

Weer'd Beard said...

Looks like a Pile of Pubes to me!

illinois Vote said...

I have to add. portie's are pretty cool dogs. Very smart,and loyal. Should be a great dog for the girls. I was looking at them about 6 years ago, The goldfish in my pond won the vote on dog choice and alas no portie.

Here's a pretty funny article on Bo....

Christine G. said...

my coworker has a PWD. he weighs 65 pounds. he's fierce and friendly and will chase a tennis ball all day all day all day.... she'll bring him to the office and i'll sit at the end of the hall on the floor and throw that ball, and he'll bring it back and if i quit, he will not shut up.

i love borque. he's a great assed dog.

i wish bo, the new presidential dog, well. if the girls get bored of him, he'll make mischief for sure. they mean business and they're busy all day.

that's not a kick'em/punt'em kind of dog. that's a dog you want around.

Sabra said...

Jay, this dog was given to the Obamas by the same north-Texas breeders who've been supplying these dogs to the Kennedys.

They are also supposed to be easily tolerated by children with allergies.

EmmaPeel said...

If they'd take the rainbow off his neck, he might look like a serious dog.

Mike W. said...


My understanding is that one of more of Obama's daughters has allergies, so their choice of dog was severely limited.

Yeah, the dog looks dumb as hell, but he did make the choice in the best interest of his family. Can't fault him for that.

I wish we'd see Labs, Huskies, German Sheperds (cool, fun, bigger dogs) more often in the White House

Mikee said...

I have known two Port-a-dogs and both were exemplary animals, with personality and intelligence beyond most other dogs.

If you don't groom them, they look like wild-assed pirate poodles. And they can hunt, too!

Do not diss the Porties. As Clinton with the chocolab, dogs are often better folk than their owners.

aepilot_jim said...

I just hope that he's treated better than then clinton's socks after they left office. I heard the poor cat was left and the secretary picked him up and gave him a home. If this is just a photo op and not a pet, then shame on the Obamas.

Weer'd Beard said...

Mike W. If the kids had alergies (like myself) they should have gone the Weer'd Beard route and got a turtle!

Way cooler, aquatic, and I bet my turtle lived longer than that inbred pube-ball!


Unknown said...

So that's the President's new dog "Bo" eh?

Christina RN LMT said...

When I was researching dog breeds, I seriously considered the Portuguese Water Dog...BUT they are way too high energy and too big for my apartment. I love my Italian Greyhounds!

Ross said...

Spray him with Endust and teach him to walk on the furniture.

Jay G said...

Yes, yes, I know the Portugese Water Dog was good choice.

However, that picture was frakkin' ridiculous. It looks like a toy poodle named Fifi.

Other pictures of the dog with the First Family show that it is a respectable size, and I'm certain that it's a fine dog.

But the "rainbow around his neck" just sealed the "I gotta poke fun at this" factor... ;)