Monday, August 3, 2009

Bloggershoot AAR: 12,000 Words...

I'm going to split the Bloggershoot into two parts. This first part will contain all the pictures; the second post will have my write-up and impressions. Without further ado, here are the pictures from yesterday's Northeast Bloggershoot.

We opened the Bloggershoot with the ceremonial lighting of the cannon

Opening Cannon

Next, some hardware from commenter Wally:

Very Cool Toys!

and JD from Tekmage's Blog and Meataxe from Men are not Potatoes:

Sarah Brady Weeps

and Borepatch's family heirloom:

Smokeless What?

and TOTWTYTR's haul:

Moar Goodies

Here's the range before...

It Looks So Clean!

Scotaku Breaks His FA Cherry:

Happiness is a warm subgun

JD with an MP5:

Ho Ho Ho. Now I Haf A Machine Gun

Your humble host with a truly awesome Mossberg 590 short-barreled shotgun:

This is too cool!

Lissa of LookingforLissa with the greatest grin EVAH:

Now THIS Is Empowered!

The range after...

Not So Clean...

And, last but certainly not least, we had a celebrity sighting at the shoot:

Ted Nugent Quotes Me!

A good time was had by all (I certainly hope). I have a dislocated shoulder from firing slugs, 00 buckshot, and much birdshot through my Mossie 590 (with bayonet!) and an ear-to-ear-grin that will not go away.

That was fun.

That is all.


libertyman said...

Many thanks for making it all happen. It was a pleasure meeting such a great bunch of folks. Many thanks to our tolerant host. And hey, we forgot to drink the beer!

Lissa said...

Evil? MOI??

*flutters eyelashes*
*unslings rifle*
*fires off four mags*
*reslings rifle*

Surely not moi!!

Anonymous said...

What a GREAT time! My shoulder isn't dislocated, but it does feel like it was attacked with a meat tenderizer! Nice meeting all of you, is it time for the next one yet?

scotaku said...

Way more fun than a ballgame. Our hosts were magnanimous, JayG, you did a fantastic job coordinating everything, and everyone there who helped a wastrel enjoy a day doing what you all do...

Thank you so damn very much.


Andrew said...

Matthew, Mom and I had a great time. Matthew is still talking about getting to shoot Pikachu

Jay G said...


I'm already researching the MA laws on SBS and AOW because of that Mossberg... You've corrupted me!


Evil and "the cutest thing [I've] ever heard" (from Breda)... :)


Thank you and Mrs. Mopar so much for making the long and arduous trek to the bloggershoot! It was GREAT meeting you guys!


Thanks for the kind words. It's good to hear that folks had a good time... :)


Man, it was great seeing you again (and Matthew - WOW did he get big!!!). Definitely need to get the boys together soon for some backyard plinkin'... ;)

Tam said...

Marko's name tag has officially slain me. :D

MeatAxe said...
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MeatAxe said...

Thanks so much for all the work in organizing this, and thanks to our hosts as well. I had a great time and was really happpy to finally meet everyone.

Cemetery's Gun Blob said...

Broken Face Syndrome.

I haven't found a cure.

Last time I had a bout of this, it was a full week before I could eat a decent meal. My jaw muscles ached from too much smilin'.

Ross said...

Lissa, do my eyes deceive me? Was that 10/22 wearing a sling and Tech-Sights? Was that a Liberty Training Rifle?

And... why did you unsling BEFORE shooting?

zeeke42 said...

Ross, it is an LTR. There were at least two in attendance.

Ambulance Driver said...

That picture of "Major Caudill" is priceless.

Ross said...

Still want to know why she unslung BEFORE shooting instead of after!