Monday, November 30, 2009

MArooned E-mail Policy

I couldn't remember if I'd ever set down an actual policy for e-mails received here at MArooned Central (address: So here goes:

Any and all e-mail received becomes the property of MArooned, blah blah blah. This means that - unless you tell me otherwise - it's fair game for posting. I won't post full names, or full locations, unless given specific okay/instruction to do so; if John Doe from Chicago, IL sends me an e-mail with a picture attached, the default post will have the picture and attribution to "John from IL".

If you don't want it posted, just tell me. Not a problem at all. If I don't see otherwise, it is considered fair game and may become a post here at MArooned. Submissions may consist of, but are not limited to, personal gun pron; humor of a political nature; political or other cartoons; jokes/humorous anecdotes/etc. Not all e-mails will be published; only those that strike me as funny/poignant/infuriating/etc. Your mileage may vary; void where prohibited by law; no rebroadcast allowed without express written consent of Major League Baseba- oops.

The following are universally welcome:
  • Dead goblin stories
  • Questions about guns/CCW/etc.
  • Gun pr0n
  • Cool car photos
  • Requests for Top Ten car lists

Any questions, just ask. This is to be considered somewhat of a "living document"... *g*

That is all.

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Jay G said...

Please note that this is now part of the sidebar.