Sunday, December 6, 2009

Almost Like Being There...

So I'm at a local restaurant sitting down to dinner with the kids last night, and my phone rings. Dig it out of my pocket, and the number is for commenter OrangeNeckInNY. Answer the call, and it's not OrangeNeckInNY on the line, but none other than Newbius himself! He put together a northern VA blogmeet, and was sitting down to dinner with OrangeNeckInNY, New Jovian Thunderbolt, and OldNFO, all of which I got to talk to; as well as commenter Stretch, whom I've had the pleasure of communicating with in e-mail for some time now.

Newbius mentioned that my name came up in conversation (with regards to pistol bayonets, of course) and OrangeNeckInNY mentioned that he had my phone number, so they called. I was touched that they thought of me, as NoVA is close enough for a weekend trip and I had entertained the idea of striking out for parts south when the meet was first mentioned. Sadly, Mrs. G. had to work this weekend, so those plans had to be shelved; however OldNFO told me they were going to try to pull something together when we pass through that way in April on our way to visit the mouse.

That put a smile on my face that even two screaming kids couldn't remove...

(Humorous side note: T-bolt mentioned that since the restaurant they were in served alcohol, they couldn't carry firearms. As he's telling me this, I'm chuckling quietly to myself because I - in the Volksrepublik of MA - am sitting in a restaurant with a loaded Glock G30 strapped to my hip, perfectly legally. While they're in gun-happy Virginia prohibited from exercising their Second Amendment right because of bureaucratic nonsense).

Thanks again for the call, guys - y'all made my night!

That is all.


bogie said...

WS and I have finally started the process of getting our non-resident LTC. In researching Mass gun laws, I was surprised that one could carry in establishments that serve alcohol.

libertyman said...

Looking forward to the NE get together -- not so far away!

Anonymous said...

Actually, they could have carried in the restaurant in Virginia...they just would have had to have done so openly.

And we are very optimistic that that will be changed after the next legislative session in the spring.

Anonymous said...

BTW: You can carry openly in a restaurant in Virginia too...and anywhere else that it's legal to permit required.

Virginia recognizes the bearing of arms as the constitutionally protected right it is, you only need a permit to hide your gun like a scalawag. ;)

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

We contemplated open carry, but I think Newbius put that question to the management. It wasn't that they were less than thrilled about it, it's that they were unenthused. And if we open carried wouldn't be able to enjoy the fine libations at said brewpub. So I wouldn't have open carried at any rate, even if management absolutely ENCOURAGED it. There was beer to be getrunken.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

And it was great talkin at ya.

Old NFO said...

Glad we could Jay! Re carrying aw shaddup... :-( Had Kaine not vetoed it, we would have been carrying concealed also. And yes, we are going to plan an Apr get together.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised the organizers chose Sweetwater Tavern as the VCDL (Virginia Citizens Defense League) has them listed as an unfriendly establishment due to the no gun policy.


Anonymous said...

And thanks for directing me to some gun blogs in my region.

- Rumson

ASM826 said...

I'm in NC, might could make an April Blog meet in VA.

Newbius said...


The VCDL policy was raised as an issue, and we almost changed venue because of it. However, I had a fairly positive exchange with the CEO of the corporation which owns the restaurant, and am slowly working him over to our side.

The chain went from "no position" on guns legally carried there to "please do not carry here" due to a clumsy open carry stunt that VCDL pulled, which garnered negative media coverage for the chain. We now have a longer road to travel than we did prior, because of a poorly executed media event. I intend to help repair the damage that others caused, and hope that we will again be regarded neutrally.

Last night was a step in the right direction.



Anonymous said...

Excellent work Newbius!

VCDL does great things, but the tactics can be counter productive at times.

I have your blog marked and look forward to reading it.

Thanks for your efforts!


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

It's my fault. I put the bug in Newbius ear because there is a Sweetwater near the Chantilly Gun Show location, but not TOO near, in case we did a blogmeet on that weekend. Also, I like brewpub beer. I had no idea of the whole pub/VCDL hoo-haw, but I'm with Newbius.

Anonymous said...

I'd be curious as to what "clumsy" VCDL event prompted the company to change their policy.

I'm pretty sure I know to what they are referring and I actually agree that it was a "clumsy" event, (Full disclosure, I'm a VCDL Executive Member), however, if I'm thinking of the right incident, it didn't even involve any of their restaurants. It occurred in a Champps restaurant and was supported by the management.

I sure can't think of any other "clumsy" VCDL events to which he may have been referring.

So if I'm recollecting the correct incident, the CEO of Great American Restaurants changed their policy because of an event that had nothing to do with them and that occurred with the full cooperation of the management of the restaurant that it DID happen in.


If I'm wrong about the incident and something actually did happen at one of Great American Restaurant's establishments that got them bad press, I'd like to know what it was because I can't remember it and a quick google search turned up nothing.