Thursday, December 17, 2009

And Thus, The Head Shaketh...

While installing the LaserMax unit on my Sig P226, I came across this little gem in the instructions:

Laser sight warning

Okay. Let me see if I have this straight. This is a FRIKKIN' LASER SIGHT. That I put ON MY Glock .45:

Tell me which is more dangerous

Look, if someone sees the laser dot of my Glock coming at them, getting it in their eye is the LEAST of their worries, because it means that they have been perceived as a grave threat to my being, forced me to make the decision to draw my weapon, and have been targeted by my sidearm. It means that a 230 grain jacketed hollowpoint +P round is going to be entering the general area where that dot just showed up. If there's any eye damage done, it's going to be a result of a GSW, not a class IIIa laser.

Perspective: You no haz it.

That is all.


wolfwalker said...

That's the way federal regulations work. If the FCC says "all lasers must carry a warning about shining it into a person's eye," then ALL lasers must carry that warning, regardless of their intended use.

Yes, it's stupid. The law is often stupid. That's because the law is written to the lowest common denominator, IQ-wise, and there are some fearfully stupid people in this world.

Borepatch said...

Wolfwalker beat me to it. The only thing I'd add is that there's a lawyer somewhere who considers this a job well done.

Brad_in_IL said...


The Americans with Disabilities Act says the same thing about all bank ATMs must have braille -- INCLUDEING THE F*CKING DRIVE-UP machines !!!!!11111 If that's not fouled up, I don't know what is.

- Brad

BillH said...

Jay, you won't need a laser anyway, after we all start wearing Federally mandated dayglo orange "DANGER! Carbon Emitter" labels on our foreheads.

NotClauswitz said...

I like the Crimson Trace t-shirts that says, "Helping bad guys make informed decisions."

MedicMatthew said...

I wonder if somewhere out there you could find some anti-gun twit who would utter the words "Well why didn't you just blind the bad guy with the laser? You didn't have to shoot him!"

Sigivald said...

Brad: More accurately, I suspect the ADA says that ATMs that blind people might use have to have them.

And it's cheaper and easier to make one standard ATM body with braille than to make special "drive-up only" ones without it and make sure they don't get repurposed later, etc.

Around here, all the ATMs at driveup locations are just normal ATMs in an outdoor box under a roof or set into a building.

(Besides, every drive-up I've ever seen has also been accessible by foot. And then there's the "going in the other way so a blind passenger can use it" angle...)

ZerCool said...

On the other side, I'd suggest a similar format of sticker that says BULLET APERTURE:
Diameter: .451-452in

WV: fetro: (adj): Some really old-school shit. e.g. "Man, that Colt SAA is fetro!"

Veeshir said...

I think they're saying, "Don't try a head shot Buffalo Bill, go center of mass."

The Bad LT said...

Seen on a laser pen: "Do not look at laser with remaining eye."