Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Starting Over...

I forget exactly how it came up, but the question was raised recently about building an armory from scratch. It may have been a returning shooter; it may have been a new shooter; it may have been the proverbial friend-of-a-friend. Anyhoo, it got me to thinking: How would I rebuild my armory should the need arise? (Assume a natural disaster or something of that nature). The exercise is conducted thusly - as opposed to a new shooter - to presume that the armory-builder in question is an experienced gunnie and knows their way around firearms.

That said, here's how I would rebuild my armory. I'll start with the first firearm I would acquire and add on to the list; assume I'm simply adding as I go along. In the interest of having a list that's little more than "Buy one of each of everything made by S&W, Ruger, Colt, Kimber, Springfield Armory, etc.", we'll limit this exercise to the first ten firearms I would purchase.

In that vein, here's the Top Ten:

1. 4" barreled .357 Magnum revolver. S&W model 686 or Ruger GP100.
2. 12 gauge pump-action shotgun. Mossberg 590 or Remington 870.
3. Semi-automatic rimfire rifle. Ruger 10/22 or Marlin model 60.
4. Concealable handgun. S&W J-frame or Kel-Tec P3AT.
5. Semi-automatic centerfire rifle. AR-15 or AK-47 clone.
6. Rimfire revolver. S&W model 617 or Ruger Single Six.
7. Semi-automatic centerfire handgun. Glock 17/19 or Sig P226.
8. Bolt-action centerfire rifle. Remington 700.
9. Semi-automatic rimfire handgun. Ruger Mark III or Browning Buckmark.
10. Semi-automatic battle rifle. M1 Garand or M1A.

What's on your Top Ten list of "must have" firearms?

That is all.


dustydog said...

I'd go with the Marlin 795 over the Marlin 60 (the 60 has the 14 shot tube; the 795 takes a 10-cartridge magazine).

I'd start with a Glock over a revolver. Actually, I'd go by price - therefore the Ruger 10/22 or Marlin (depending on what's on sale, maybe only $100+taxes & fees), then a Mossberg 500 (as low as $200 + taxes & fees), then get a Glock 19 (9 mm), which is semi-concealable.

jachymko said...

I'm actually building my armory for the first time yet :)

1. concealable handgun (Glock 19)
2. 12 gauge pump-action shotgun (Remington 870)
3. centerfire semi-auto rifle (CZ 58)
4. .357 Magnum revoler (Ruger GP100?)
5. a 1911 (have no idea which one yet)
6. O/U skeet shotgun
7. semi-auto rimfire rifle
8. semi-auto rimfire handgun
9. a small, concealable backup centerfire revolver. or maybe a centerfire deringer
10. I'd certainly like the Garand, too :)

Adam said...

I'm in the process of doing this right now, I have 5 fire arms I purchased in this order:

1 - Mossberg 12 gauge pump shotgun, 3.5" mag, 28 inch waterfowl barrel
2 - FNP-9 (16+1) 9mm
3 - Henry lever action .22 with 18" octagonal barrel
4 - Mossberg Plinkster semi auto .22 (for the fiance)
5 - Beretta Xtrema 2, 12 gauge

The list is skewed, I'm an avid waterfowl hunter, next purchase is a S&W hammerless revolver in .38 +P. After that, a semi-auto .223, have no idea which one, thats a ways away.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

It's a good list, and close to what mine would be. The only changes would be taste preferences. For example, I might prefer an XD over a Glock, someone else might prefer an AR10 over an M1A, that sort of thing.

It's a good "One of each, and a spare" list.

ASM826 said...

My list of current must have/must keep is very close to yours.

My preference in pistols is .45ACP instead of 9mm, so it would be a Glock 21 or XD45.

My first choice would be a shotgun, then a .357 revolver
Get a .223 before a .22.
I prefer a Ruger Sp-101 to the S&W offerings.
Here's another question. What's the one gun you want to own that you don't need? Something you have for no other reason than you want it. My answer is the Swiss K-31, don't need it, just like it for a number of reasons.

Jay G said...

That's an easy one, a Barrett M82A1. No question about it.

$8K. Each pull of the trigger runs $3. Too big for most ranges.

And yet I want one so bad I can taste it...

BillH said...

I would start with the everyday concealable first (357 or compact 45, whichever I could find "paperless" first). Next would be the 12 gauge. Then the Garand (a battle rifle I could also hunt with, if I only had 3 firearms). Then the 10/22. That to me would be the basic arsenal, the other 6 could fill in as they appeared (again, "paperless")... full size 45, 308 bolty, AR, Glock 27, Ruger MkII, and an M1A just because.

The gun I'd love to have but don't need? What Chris Byrne is building... I'd love to try 1000+ yd shooting!

jimbob86 said...

If I had to start over:
1. .22 rifle Probably a 10/22
2. 20 Guage 870 (4 daughters in house)
3. 3" barreled .357, (4" if I could not find that)
4. Scoped Rem 700, probably in .308
5. 1911 in .45 ACP
6. Ruger .22/45
7. 1911 in 9mm (Springer EMP)
8. AR in .223
9. Something that eats 7.62 x 39
10. M1a

"No proper household should be without a 22 of some sort, but what sort encourages attractive cogitation. Of course some places may even have two 22s, and that does simplify the matter of selection."

-Col. Jeff Cooper

EVERY proper household should have a .22. They should be more common than coffee grinders. Any "Arsenal" should start with one, IMO.

Also, consideration of the age and stature of all users in the home needs to be taken into account: Youth, The Venerable, and some of those of the Distaff side of the population would manage a 20 better than a 12....

If funds are tight, some of these slots can be combined-

-a 3" barreled .357 is concealable, as are many centerfire autos. If you can not conceal a 4" auto pistol, then maybe you should wear more than a leotard....

- a Garand IS a semi-automatic centerfire rifle.

I don't have a lot of use for a .22 revolver- .38's are cheap enough to handload.

A bolt action centerfire appears much higher on my list.... but I hunt out here in the great wide open....

Anonymous said...

Mine would mostly the same with a little reorganizing. Pump shotgun would be #1, mainly because I think overall it's more useful then a CCW gun. Also, I live in a in a state where a carry permit takes 2-3 months on avg to obtain, and you cant purchase a handgun without one. A longarm can be had without a carry permit (though you have a 2 week wait without one), so my step one would be get the ball rolling for the handgun permit, and while waiting for that buy the shotgun. #2 is a concealable revolver, .357 or .38 if cost is a factor. #3 is a semiauto .30 rifle. SKS/Garand/PTR91 depending on funds. #4 is a Ruger 10/22. Anything after that is for fun, and I would do like I do now and buy whatever deal comes along that strikes my fancy, but everything on your list strikes my fancy :)

Wally said...

Rebuilding? This is close to home.

1) CCW pistol (midsize glock)
2) centerfire semi auto carbine (16"AR)

1&2 are IMMEDIATE.

3) CCW-suitable pistol (mid- or full-size glock, compatable mags)
4) another semi auto rifle (same mags as #2, maybe longer barrel(

Then lower priority:
5) semiauto 22 pistol (ruger Mk2)
6) pump 12 ga
7) semiauto 22 rifle (10/22)
8) ?
9) ?
10) Lahti L39

Velcro8ball said...

Based on what I own, have owned, and worked with:

1. Ruger Speed Six .357
2. Ruger 10/22
3. Browning BPS 20ga.
4. M1 Garand
5. J-Frame 640 or 442
6. SKS
7. Springfield XD .45
8. Ruger Bull Barrel Mark II
9. J-Frame 317 .22
10. Remington 721 .30-06

Lots of ammo and mags, and remember "One is none and two is one".

Just for fun, Colt 1911 Series 70 Mark IV

ASM826 said...


Yes, if I meant any firearm that you don't need, just want, and not one you currently own, I would have said a Thompson. I have fired one several times, and want. It is the Precious.

To rephrase my question, what gun do you currently own that is just because you like it?

Anonymous said...

"what gun do you currently own that is just because you like it?"

Most of them.

Jay G said...

What mopar said.

The Mosin Nagant M44 is probably the most "don't need it" firearm I have, except maybe for the NAA mini-22LR.

Which is just too cute NOT to have...

Rick R. said...

1. 3" S&W M65. Failing that, any 3" K-frame round butt in .38 Special or .357 Magnum. Covers both CCW at need, and "3 AM gun". (I like a DA revolver when I'm woken by unusual noises.)

2. 10/22 rifle

3. .40 or 9mm Springfield XD 4". (Wife's primary CCW)

4. .45ACP Commander (primary CCW). Preferrably stainless.

6. (Tie) Centerfire, full bore rifle -- can be bolt gun, should be milsurp if possible. Preferred FAL or M14 variant. Even a No4Mk1 would be fine.

6. (Tie) 12 gauge pump shotgun (all-round good gun). Preferrably, something like a police surplus cruiser gun.

7. AR15 in 5.56. Preferrably collapseable stock, free float rails, 20" 1:7" chromed barrel and chamber.

8. AK, in 7.62x39mm.

9. Another 3" K-frame .38/.357Smith, preferrably an M65. (Spare, loaner, travel gun.)

10. .22 semiauto pistol, like a Ruger MkII.

Of course, even though I already have more than the specified minimum, I still have a couple of holes in my collection, according to this list. No shotgun, for instance. . .

dr mac said...

I'd substitute a 12 gauge in O/U, side by side, or semi-auto for the bolt action Remington. One large caliber rifle.

Of course, that doesn't mean I ever stopped there.

TOTWTYTR said...

I have most of what I would like to own as it is. Still, there are a few...

M1 Carbine
Browning Hi Power
Ithaca 37 Police Special
S&W Model 13 with 3" barrel

Jay G said...

Heh. I have three out of four of those, TOTWTYTR...

Anonymous said...

"Here's another question. What's the one gun you want to own that you don't need? Something you have for no other reason than you want it."

My Thompson. Because it's fun!

Rat Bastard