Monday, August 23, 2010

MArooned Product Review: Dragon Leatherworks "FlatJack"

I mentioned last week that Dennis from Dragon Leatherworks had sent me another holster to try out. In a nutshell, I felt that he needed to branch out into wheelguns in his holstermaking, and the J-frame was as good a place as any to start. He got me the holster, but forgot something: The name. The reason the holster name is in quotations is because it's not official yet. Dennis e-mails me the following:
BTW...the new holster has no name. I have pictures, but can't think of a name that doesn't sound dopey. I tried *flapjack* (a play on being a pancake holster), J-cake, Comet (was that an old Ford?), Snakebite, ...but none of them grabbed me.

Give it a name Brother...seeing that you have #1, and you provided the model for it, you earned naming rights for this one. :-)
I mulled it over, trying desperately to come up with something clever that would fit in with the DL Classic and the Fugly, as well as being evocative of function, IMHO. Then I put it on, and the name jumped out at me: FlatJack (like it? Hate it? Got a better name? Let me - and Dennis - know!). It's a play on the type (pancake) with a tip 'o' the hat to the functionality.

I've got another pancake holster, a nice Galco for my SW99. I like how the pancake style holds the holster close against the body so that it can be easily concealed by a nondescript cover garment (IOW, you don't need a parka to hide it). This holster positively shines in that aspect:

Nice and Flat

I carried the Snubbie from Hell™ (Dennis is now curled up in the fetal position at this point) all weekend in this rig, covering it with a denim shirt, a Hawaiian shirt, and an XL polo shirt. The holster works very well - it sits perfect, carries the gun in just the right spot, is adjustable for a wide variety of carry positions (3 o'clock, 4 o'clock, 5 o'clock, etc.); it just plain works. Drawing is smooth and uncomplicated, and the thick leather holds the holster open for easy re-holstering (yes, I am writing my blog post as we speak...) It's a high quality holster offered at a very reasonable price by someone who understands what gunnies need and is eager and willing to work with the 2A community.
I think this might just be the runaway hit of the summer! As we say here in MA, looks like a winnah!
That is all.

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