Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sometimes, You Listen to that Voice...

There's this slideshow going around purporting to be some Law Enforcement thing taken from a gun battle in the Nuevo Laredo area between warring drug cartels. In discussions in Gunblogger Conspiracy, a link was posted and someone asked about what round could have caused the damage to the Suburban shown in this montage:

Allegedly new slideshow

The Suburban in question is in the second row on the right. Well, that picture looked eerily familiar. I remembered a story from a couple years back about some guys in a Suburban who wandered onto a range where F16s were making practice runs, and found this picture in a forum devoted to off-roaders:

From 2008

Same Suburban. Same picture. Makes me wonder about the rest of the slideshow...

That is all.


wolfwalker said...

Sharp eyes, Jay. I hope lots o'people link this -- it deserves wide dissemination.

Alan said...

I mentioned in IRC last night that I've sat through too many power point presentations and I know a sales pitch when I see it.

Someone is selling something and they have an agenda.

Jay G said...

It's a pretty stupid move, really. I mean, how many Suburbans are there with multiple giant gaping holes in 'em?

I was surprised how quickly I found everything, though...

Looks like the ol' brain isn't *that* far gone yet... ;)

Jake (formerly Riposte3) said...

D*mn! I knew there was something familiar about that picture when I first saw it! Then I had to go back to work and forgot all about it.

Now the question is, is the whole slideshow garbage, or did someone in the BSOC training division just get overenthusiastic?

Jake (formerly Riposte3) said...

"I hope lots o'people link this -- it deserves wide dissemination."


OrangeNeck said...

If they're stealing someone else's pictures, that's plagiarism.

KBCraig said...

When it comes to alleged "border wars", question EVERYTHING!

There is so much BS out there, it's hard to stay above it.

libertyman said...

Hmmmmm. Those holes in the Suburban look about 57mm in diameter. Any thoughts from our participants at the Bloggershoot?

Eck! said...

If your going to tell stories, tell damn big ones. Seems the bigger the fish story the less likely someone might check the lies.

Good ctach, the rest of the show is likely just as suspect.


Tam said...

Look at the layout of AKs.


Tapco furniture.

Missing handguards.

A thumbhole stock.

Five gets you ten they were stolen semiauto sporters sourced from homies and eses in AZ, NM, TX, and CA who traded them for dope.

To read the caption, though, you'd think it was the gear from a flippin' Spetsnaz hit team.

Alan said...

Re: What Tam said above.

Even some of the ARs look like they were built from the gun equivalent of the JC Whitney catalog.

Tam said...


They appear to have done the job, though.

All in all, I'm not getting too all-fired upset about what was clearly an N.H.I. incident.

"Do you have the gear and training to survive an ambush like this?"

I sure do. I went to a special class on "How Not To Join A Drug Gang" and everything.

Tomcatshanger said...

most of the pictures of of the incident described, as confirmed from other, mexican lanuage websites.

One dolt inserting an unrelated pic doesn't kill the whole thing.

Anonymous said...

Now, class, when does the budget year end?

Right, October 1st.

And, class, what is the purpose of any police study?

Right, to increase funding for cop shops.

Zomg, th3 d34dly Z3tas! Soooo d34dly.

Shootin' Buddy

Tam said...

It's spelled "t3h".

WallPhone said...

Another thought--why are there so many AR mags for two ARs, but so many more AKs?

And apparently only the AK mags get damaged when shot.

JRebel said...

Sharp eyes Jay. That picture had us all scratching our heads. Though I voted for faulty 40mm grenades. Ehh, live and learn.