Monday, November 1, 2010

Yet Another Reason I Don't Fly...

Pat-Downs May Soon Become Norm At Airports

NEW YORK (CBS 2/WCBS 880) — Friday’s UPS scare is prompting increased security measures at the nation’s airports. That could include newly introduced pat-down procedures.

Traveler Staci Reidinger told CBS 2’s Jay Dow she’s not happy about the Transportation Security Administration’s use of new full-body X-ray scanners. But citing privacy concerns she said it’s better than allowing a security agent put their hands on her.

Read some of the comments in the article. We really are becoming a nation of bleating sheep. "Oh, I don't mind being gladhandled because I'll feel safe" - I've got a better idea, how about we forget flying all together? It's obvious they'd rather have security theater than anything approaching meaningful security, preferring to hassle people in large groups than concentrate on the folks most likely to cause problems. We'd rather intrude on everyone's freedom than give the appearance of targeting certain groups - and we do so at our own peril.

TSA Security Theater - like gun control, what you do instead of something.

That is all.

Tip 'o' the keyboard to reader Alex for sending me this story.


Eck! said...

Havent flown commercially for 10 years and have no plans to ever!

It's a bit easier as I'm also a private pilot. Event then the security circus it's nutty.

Airplanes, The other gun!

It's all stupid garbage.


Alan said...

And yet since 9/11, TSA has not once stopped a terrorist.

The shoe bomber got on a plane and was caught by the passengers. The underwear bomber got on the plane and was caught by the passengers.

And every time TSA reacts like little puppets doing exactly what the terrorists want. Ratchet up the intrusions, make flying even more of a pain in the ass each time.

ZerCool said...

After the shenanigans of flying on our Great American Cross Country Adventure this fall, and contrasting it to the train on the same trip, I will gladly extend my travel time by a day or two on either end to avoid the insanity of airports.

Obnoxious employees, poor signage, security theater, ten-dollar fast-food meals, five-dollar bottles of water, and a near-guarantee that somewhere along the way you will have a flight either significantly delayed or cancelled, thereby fubaring the remainder of your trip. No thanks.

Bubblehead Les. said...

What Alan said. Also, it looks like there'll be new Super Duper Ultra Stringent Security Regs on Package Deliveries that'll take 3 Congressional Hearings, 9 months of Debate, 50 Billion dollars and a new branch of Homeland Insecurity to implement, all the while driving up shipping costs and delays.

Betcha one of the First things that one of the Anointed One's Czars will issue by decree will be a reg to shut down the "Evil Mail Order Ammunition Ordering Loophole". No bulk ammo for you!

Meanwhile, somewhere in a garage, some Al Queada types are putting together a WTC#1/Oklahoma City Truck Bomb and no Federale Sting Op has been able to stop it.

Butch Cassidy said...

I have not flown for about five years now, before then, I flew at minimum one two-way trip a year. Don't trust me with my swiss army knife? Kiss my money goodbye.

The Californian Mother-In-Law thinks I am paranoid to refuse to fly out. She doesn't realize that I mostly refuse to fly because I leave my knife 'n lighter behind for no one. I'll take a train, I'll drive, untill the TSA stops searching me everytime I enter a "Sterile Zone" I am content to stay on the ground.

Hell, I was once detained while looking for my wife's car in a massive parking lot by cops who thought I was looking for a car to steal. Being accused of stealing cars while holding my son in our Christmas picture outfits in the middle of a busy parking lot was more friendly than my best trip through airport security.

libertyman said...

Okay the UPS scare means we have to get patted down... and that is because? We are shipping ourselves via UPS now?

Alan is exactly right and we have been no safer for the bother.

TOTWTYTR said...

Someone in Yemen sends a couple of packages, probably spoofing the return addresses and routing information, and someone at the TSA decides that feeling up young women is going to counter this?

Let's get rid of the TSA, allow licensed gun owners to carry on planes, and bomb the living shit out of countries that don't take serious steps to stop their citizens from attacking the US.

I'll bet that will work better than what we're doing now.

Veeshir said...

I'm thinking of extending my "I'll drive first" time to 15 hours.

I used to drive if it was 5 hours or less. In recent years that's been extended to 10 hour drives. Now, I'm about to extend it to 15 hours.

Being jerked around by ignorant fools just itching for a reason to show me how much power they have over my life annoys me.

Alan, great point. All they've done is jerk me around.