Thursday, December 23, 2010

An Early Christmas Present...

Friend, blogshoot staple, purveyor of most excellent gunnie goodness, and all-around great guy Wally sent me this wonderful story:

I thought this would warm your heart.

New shooter report - 13 year old lad, second time ever touching a firearm. This session started with dad getting him going with a 22 pistol, then a 22 rifle, 30M1 carbine, AR15, a certain 9mm M16, and by the end of the session he was running my M16 like it was his business. If it wasn't for the bitter cold, he'd still be on the firing line!

This shooter is the 18th teenager that I've introduced to machine guns this year. I hope this offsets that asinine story earlier this week about crushing toy guns.

It most certainly does, Wally. It most certainly does. Every single new shooter we bring into the fold makes Sarah Brady cry. With this report, she'll be practically inconsolable. Oh, BTW, Wally included a picture of the young lad with the M16 in question:

(Wally has creatively edited the picture to preserve the young man's anonymity as well as to highlight the brass in flight...)

Every time a new shooter fires a machine gun, an angel gets its wings. Thanks Wally!!!

That is all.


Anonymous said...

Brass rainbows forever!

Brad_in_IL said...

The marks around the first two spent casings remind me of the symbol for infinity . . . in that hopefully the lad will be shooting for infinity.

Word Verify --> obbled. Sarah Brady, John Rosenthal, et. al were obbled by the whole affair.

- Brad

Eck! said...

A wonderful thing. Shoot well and enjoy the sport young man.