Tuesday, September 20, 2011

They Don't Call Him "Governor Clueless" For Nothin'!

Wow. Barron sent me this story. I cannot believe "Cadillac Deval" is this dense.

Gov. Patrick Seen Riding In SUV During “Car-Free Week”

BOSTON (CBS) – Governor Deval Patrick did walk to a morning event on Beacon Hill — a stone’s throw from the Statehouse — but was quick to sheepishly admit that he probably hadn’t set the best example earlier in the day.


He’s talking about video shot by WBZ of Mr. Patrick leaving his Milton home this morning with his assigned state trooper at the wheel for the routine drive into work in his SUV.

Not just any SUV, either; it's a Chevy Tahoe, a full-sized, Gaia-raping monster that gets close to single digit gas mileage in the stop-and-go of Boston traffic. The irony, she is thick. I think what I like best is that Coupe Deval just laughs it off: "I carpooled with my trooper" - are you kidding me? Look, it's understandable that Patrick has security issues, etc. and as such can't just hop on the Red Line like everyone else (even though there's a stop less than a block from his house).

But why not telecommute for the week? Wouldn't that have struck a great balance for the governor? With the state of modern telecommunication being what it is, wouldn't it have been great to see Patrick holding a Skype videoconference rather than take his SUV into work? Save a few gallons of gas, grow a tree, that sort of feel-good BS that plays well in Cambridge?

Instead, we get Governor Vapid telling us that we need to do this to save the environment while he takes his full-sized, nine passenger SUV into work with one other person. Taking public transportation is a great idea in Patrick's world - as long as he's not part of it. It sounds suspiciously like the global warming conference in Copenhagen that set records for the number of private jets flying in and limousines rented...

But hey, at least he didn't have an alleged affair in 1987! That would certainly be news, right?

That is all.


Kevin said...

"Do as I say, not as I do". I think the worst part of the article is the people giving him a pass,because he's oh-so-important. Not like the little people, see.

Weer'd Beard said...

Yeah that was a command from our Emperor!

Do you really think FDR observed "Meatless Tuesday"?

Borepatch said...

The punchline? The Tahoe actually uses the same BTU per passenger-mile than the T.

But I'm surprised he wasn't in the Cadillac. Maybe it isn't new enough anymore.

Ed said...

The real savings in any public transit system are diverting "others" from the roads, reducing demand on parking at the destinations and freeing some from the responsibility of navigating the vehicle en route. Governor Deval being driven by a State Police Officer and having a designated parking space at the State House takes care of two of these for himself, and getting "others" off the road takes care of the third, again to benefit himself.

It is good to be king.... er, governor!