Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A: Park, Out Of The.

Q: Where does Robb's latest post hit the ball?

Robb takes exception to the narcissistic, spoiled-brat nimrods currently "protesting" in New York - here's their website with an interesting list of sponsors here. Their inane and insane "demands" have been posted elsewhere - sufficient to say, what they want is completely and utterly unreasonable and unattainable - free everything under the sun, with no idea on who will pay for it or how it would be implemented. It's like a five year old's Christmas list, with two notable exceptions: The five year old can be excused for asking for a pony, a rocketship, and a gold-plated mansion on the grounds that, well, they're five; and we're the ones that are playing Santa Claus here...

Look, kiddies. My dad was a cop and my mom was a housewife (that's what they called SAHMs back in the Dark Ages). I grew up in a six room, 1100 sq. ft. house with one car and two TVs (one of which was black & white). I put myself through college and graduate school and am working on my own little version of the American dream, and it does not include paying for any of you to sit around smoking dope and figuring out how to get Radiohead to play at your brainless "protest". I'd be going to Boston to mock your group and document your idiocy for my own amusement and that of my blog readers, except that I have to work for a damn living. I don't have the luxury of infinite days off because I majored in Transcendental Eastern Philosophy and WalMart ain't hiring for Christmas yet..

Grow up. Get a real job. Work your ass off for a decade or two and then get back to me about how you are OWED jack shit. Nobody owes you nothin' bubba. Your momma shot you out the ol' birth canal and after that you were on your own except for the good graces of mom & dad, who, by the looks of things, will be paying for you and your shit for the next couple decades at least. It's admirable that you're passionate about this cause; however it would be nice if your "demands" were vaguely based in reality.

What you're asking for is a cradle-to-grave nanny state where no one is rewarded for working hard and getting ahead - you're asking for the Soviet Union of the Cold War Era that people died trying to escape and which fell by the wayside of history, because the cold hard fact is that machine guns and midnight executions are the only way to make your little fantasy world happen. And if you think that the NYPD with their tasers are "fascists", brother, you wouldn't last 10 seconds in the world you want to create.

While you're at it, get the hell off my damn lawn.

That is all.


Maura said...

You should go read North's excellent post on that very subject at the Gun Blog Black List:

Michael in CT said...

Does it make me a bad person to want to see each one of the whiney little brats do 5 days at Rikers in general population?

Stretch said...

This is why we have bayonets.

Roy said...

Who will pay for it?

Why the "rich", of course.

Who are the "rich"?

Why, that would be me and you - the ones with jobs.

Unknown said...

Several bloggers I follow have expressed strong views on the subject. This article from the Oathkeepers site caught my attention, and I'm asking you and your readers for insight. I'm posting this comment on a few different blogs, so you might see it elsewhere. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Stretch here. Fix bayonets. Heck you and Weer'd could give them a prodding with a Mosin without leaving your front porch.

ASM826 said...

I want to give in. Here's how and why:

Cormac said...

With a little rock-salt? Yeah, that'll get those damned hippies offa yer lawn!