Wednesday, July 6, 2016


It's fair to say my single biggest pet peeve is hypocrisy. And I'm seeing a lot of it, lately.

  • Folks who went apeshit insane when Obama was called by his full name are more than happy to call Donald Trump "Drumpf." What does that even mean? It sounds idiotic, and doesn't give the speaker much credibility.

(For the record, I feel the same way about "Obummer" or "Obambi" or any of the other stupid plays on Obama's name. "Shrub" was idiotic, too.)

  • I won't get into the Hillary/FBI thing for a number of reasons, but I do want to address one thing: The idea that "nothing" has been found because they declined to prosecute? Okay, fine. We'll give you that. However, you have to admit that Reagan and Bush were innocent in Iran/Contra - that was $50 million, and neither Reagan nor Bush were prosecuted. If one is true, the other certainly is as well, right?
  • So, California just passed another round of gun control, where they made the "bullet button" illegal. The bullet button that they insisted be present in any magazine-fed rifle in the *last* round of gun control in CA. They're also banning all magazines in excess of 10 rounds, and requiring people to turn them in. Without, it seems, remuneration. Two, two, two amendments in one. 
Where's the hypocrisy, you ask? The CA legislature exempted itself from CA's gun control 5 years ago...
And, just in general, "Because [other guy] did it too" is a logical fallacy. It's even worse when the two situations are not comparable. 

That is all.


Joseph from IL said...

OK, here's the thing.

Trump's surname, like most immigrants post construction of Ellis Island, was changed over the generations. Even some names in my own background have changed due to sensitivities to current events, extreme falling out with family, and attempting to make a fresh start after prison stays.

Trump's original family name was Drumpf. It is still absurd to call him by a surname he has never used. (In my own background, family names of Kline who helped settle New Jersey became Small during the first world war. My grandfather changed the spelling of his last name after doing time for rum running during prohibition. My girlfriend's great uncle changed the spelling of his last name to an older version because of a severe split in the family and mutual disowning.)

Unlike Shrub, Obummer, Obambi, Ronnie Raygun, etc which were sophomoric slurs meant to dismiss the individual instead of offer real criticism of their actions and words.

It tweaks me to no end that both sides do this while decrying the other side doing it.

Old NFO said...

Re the bullet button, the designer has already come up with another workaround to replace it...LOL