Monday, December 10, 2007

One Last Thing...

Yes, I'm going to the mall to do my Christmas shopping.

Yes, they have signs forbidding firearms.

No, neither MA nor NH has "binding signage", meaning that all they can do is ask me to leave.

Yes, I will be armed to the teeth.

That is all.


JD said...

Just remember, Keep your head down, zig zag, and above all else watch out for the crazies with the baby strollers, they will kill you. . . .(ramming speed, ay Captan!)

Anonymous said...

You're a better man than I...well, okay, I'm not even a man, but still...because I am too much of a chicken to go to the mall. I'll be doing all my Christmas shopping via the internet.

Good luck to you!

Anonymous said...

Of course, but given the state of mall security personnel in general, no one's going to notice a carry piece 'printing' through a parka anyway, sign or no sign.

I can and do carry legally in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire, especially during the annual Holiday Mall Tour; there's no way I'm going to drop thinking 'Jeez, if only ...' Plus, when I lose weight from the endless mall-walking, the inside carry helps keep my pants up.

Christine G. said...

your post is causing a stir at universal hub. yikes.

to be honest -- if it came down to it i'd want you packing and watching out for people more than a mall security guard on a fucking segway anyday.

Anonymous said...

Convert to Judaism - Hanukkah's over tomorrow night !!!!!!

L'Chaim !!!!

Jay G said...

I responded, both above and at UH.

I will readily admit to being just a little too glib with my post, as well as not explaining myself fully.

I regret giving as much ammunition (pun intended) to the antis.

Bruce said...

I carry a gun in every mall, store, bank, gas station, and Dunkin's I go to. Why have I not gone on my rampage yet?

Seriously, you won't find a more reality-detached bunch of folks than the U-Hub Comment Kids.

We're talking, like, outer rings of Saturn here.

Firehand said...

May I point out that saying ANYTHING could be considered 'giving ammo the gun-banners'? Including the simple statement "I will protect my home, self and family from attackers."

Carry whenever and wherever you legally can. Screw 'em if they can't understand.