Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday Gun Pr0n #105

Today's gun pic is the start of what is hoped will be a series of "gear" pics, each depicting a CCW piece with its related gear.

Smith & Wesson Model 38

This is a Smith & Wesson model 38 J-frame revolver. It's a five-shot Airweight "Bodyguard" model (shrouded hammer) that weighs about a pound. The holster shown is a DeSantis "Nemesis" pocket holster; the speedloader is a Bianchi speed strip; and the knife is a S&W "Homeland Security folder.

Interesting side note about this particular gun: When I was looking for some back-up information on the "Bodyguard" frame (particularly when it was introduced), I came across the IMFDB (Internet Movie Firearm Database). In the entry for the S&W model 36/38, I found an old picture I took of this gun on display. Looks kinda like this one, don't it?

I don't mind - actually, I'm kinda flattered - I just found it interesting.

That is all.


_Jon said...

It looks like a kid found your image and used it.
Perhaps a polite mail asking for attribution would be a good idea.

Bob said...

The Airweight Bodyguard was the favorite of one Travis McGee, the fictional boat bum invented by John D. MacDonald. Fun, enjoyable books. If you've never read any of them, start out with Darker Than Amber, which has one of the most exciting opening chapters in fiction.

Anonymous said...

I'm with _Jon - be flattered, but ask for credit.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking into the Smith & Wesson compact 1911 .45. I need something a bit smaller than the firearm I have now. The one I have now is a bit much to conceal. This will be my first S&W if I purchase it.

Guys, what's your take on the S&W's?

EE said...

God, I love that gun. I want that knife. Awesome picture...I'm sorta turned on. ;)

Jay G said...


I'm biased in that S&W is one of the few pistol manufacturers to get their entire line MA-compliant.

That said, I have yet to hear anyone in the gun community have a bad word to say about the S&W 1911s (aside from the blasphemy of the external extractor...) :)


Thanks! I've been playing with lighting and venues for the pictures based on (ahem) creative criticism I've gotten on some of my gun pr0n... ;)