Monday, February 21, 2011

Late Winter AD Dinner/Shoot Blogmeet Update Redux...

As I mentioned previously, the inimitable Ambulance Driver will be here in a week's time. We're doing our customary dinner & shoot, and figured it couldn't hurt to post one last reminder.

Once more:

What: Third Annual Meet, Greet, and Shoot for Ambulance Driver

When: Sunday, February 27th, 8 PM for dinner; Monday, February 28th, 10 AM for shoot.

Where: Dinner at Carrabba's in Peabody; shoot possibly at Harvard Sportsmen's Club in Harvard MA if we can find a sponsor (TheFaz has generously offered to host, if he's available then I think we're all set at HSC).

Why: Um, because it's Ambulance Driver? Because getting together with like-minded, freedom loving people to talk shop, listen to the master raconteur, and/or fling lead downrange is always a good time?

Ambulance Driver
your humble host

One slight hitch... As it turns out, I have a work commitment on Monday that I cannot miss. Regrettably, I will have to miss the shooting part of the event. We have an offer at HSC (where we've had the past two AD shootin' events) for hosting if TheFaz is amenable; otherwise the group is small enough for a local shoot. I'll be happy to get folks in touch with one another for the shooting part, but I will not be able to attend. Sorry folks.

Let me know if you're interested in attending the dinner, the shoot, or both!

That is all.


JD said...

Sorry I am going to miss this one. . Bit to far on a work night. Hope to catch you next time AD! Have fun!

Old NFO said...

Wish I could, but I'm working too.

libertyman said...

8PM at Carrabba's -- I am there! Have to work Monday, though.