Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Stretch sends in a compendium of violence from around the US. See if you can spot the common denominator:

Menino plans emergency meeting with police after four killed, 9 wounded in spree of violence
Mayor Thomas M. Menino said he would be holding an emergency meeting with the city’s police commanders this afternoon at department headquarters to decide whether officials need to do anything differently to avoid more bloodshed.

5 Dead, 23 Hurt Over Violent Holiday Weekend
Chicago turned violent over the holiday weekend as five men were killed and more than 20 were injured in shootings and stabbings since Friday.

Child Shot, Man Dead After Fireworks Celebration; Police Look For Person Of Interest
BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Mayhem erupted at the Inner Harbor on a night that started as a celebration of our country’s independence. A young boy was shot and nearby a man was stabbed to death. Mike Hellgren has more on who investigators are searching for after this outbreak of violence.

2 Wounded In Shooting Outside Atlantic City Casino
ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (CBS) – Two people were hospitalized after being shot near an Atlantic City casino early Tuesday morning.

Police investigate Riverwest armed robberies
Police are investigating two armed robberies in Milwaukee's Riverwest neighborhood and allegations that a group of teens, who might have been involved in the robberies, later beat several people at Reservoir Park.

The astute reader will have no doubt grokked that every single one of these incidents happened in an area where law abiding citizens are either highly unlikely to have firearms permits or outright denied the right to bear arms. What more evidence need we present? The gun laws in these areas are among the strictest in the nation - two areas presently ban concealed carry entirely; the other areas are in "may issue" states where the granting of permits to carry is neither guaranteed nor equitable in all areas - yet the violence is rampant.

One notes the Boston story, where Hizzoner Mumbles wrings his hands and claims to have done everything. "But I asked businesses to hire street thugs for summer jobs!" and then the police chief notes that the violence is predominately gang-related, with gangbangers showing up at parties with guns. No one asks why, in MA, home to some of the nation's toughest gun laws, these gang members still get guns.

But limiting me to buying one gun a month, or preventing me from getting a Ruger SR1911 or Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 38, or buying a new 30 round P-mag? Oh, those are fine and dandy ideas! Those are certain to stem the violence! The proposals get more and more farcical: so-called "smart guns" magically keyed to only one user; mythical technology that will imprint upon every piece of brass the name, address, blood type, and religion of the shooter; their proposals are not limited by current technology, feasibility, or even physics.

But, of course, actually putting away these gang members would be too far-fetched...

That is all.


Weer'd Beard said...

And of course those guns come right from the gun control states.

Blood in the streets where there is gun control!


Marty said...

It's like:

Drunk drivers killed 5 people this weekend. Let's make it harder for the sober drivers to by a car.

And no Lamborghini's!

Laura said...

Marty, don't give'em ideas!

Bubblehead Les. said...

Well, Wisconsin just got Concealed Carry, so Milwaukee should see some crime reduction in the near future. As for the rest, well, voting with one's feet helps.

Newbius said...

Putting criminals in jail would limit their ability to re-elect the 'hizzonors' in question

(wv: "psystsi" Biting flies carrying psychoactive venom...)