Friday, September 30, 2011

Gun Control Means...

...They'd rather see an elderly man on oxygen at the mercy of an 18 year old thug than what actually happened in this story, sent in by alert reader Tim:

Home intruder shot to death in Chicago Heights

The signs in the front window of the little white Chicago Heights house were there for all to see: “No Trespassing,” “We Call Police” and “Alert One Security Systems.”

Anterrio L. Hall, 18, apparently chose to ignore them.

The owner of the bungalow, a man who uses oxygen canisters to help him breathe, shot and killed Hall, after the teenager allegedly broke into his home Tuesday morning, police said.

They don't list an age for the gentleman who did the shooting, but the fact that he's a retiree on oxygen is a pretty good indicator he's in no shape to go three rounds with an 18 year old thug. Judging from the accounts of the neighborhood and the folks interviewed, it looks very much like many neighborhoods across America: folks who have lived there their entire lives, watching the neighborhood change, and in many cases, not for the better.

There's a picture at the link of the house; it's a small but well-kept ranch with signs in every window. It's sad to think that someone would have to go through the trouble of posting a "We call police" sign - it's an indication indeed that robberies are far too commonplace. With any kind of luck, the shooting will deter future robberies - and possibly embolden other residents to take similar steps to protect themselves.

This is the 200th Dead Goblin to be added to the DGC; it's a perfect addition in that it shows, perfectly, exactly what the benefit of the second amendment is to the average person. A firearm is the perfect equalizer; a retired bus driver on oxygen is certainly no match for a teenaged hoodlum in a fight. The gun that he picked up instantly neutralized the advantage of youth and physical condition, and allowed him to emerge victorious from what could have been a really bad scene.

Score one for the good guys.

Dead Goblin Count: 200

That is all.


Phil L. said...

"Get off my lawn."

Don't listen? Suffer the consequences.

Bubblehead Les. said...

On to 300!

Jay G said...


(oh, sorry, wrong 300...)

Ed said...

And yet some will consider the 18 year old as another "youth killed by a gun" in their violence statistics.

Old NFO said...

Screwed the pooch didn't he... Just because someone is old, doesn't mean they don't have the backbone to do what is necessary :-)

Skul said...

Chiago Heigths?
Bless the old guy.
I suspect some liberal will want him to die in prison.

Rignerd said...

Maybe the sign should have said we call the Police, they have the number for the coroner.