Monday, October 10, 2011

Giving More...

The Kilted to Kick Cancer contest which ended a week ago today raised over $8,000 for cancer research from posts made from EMS- and gunbloggers across the blogosphere. That's amazing. Ambulance Driver, your humble host, and many others donned kilts and went out in public to raise awareness of prostate cancer and make a contribution to cancer research as well, and I'd say we did a pretty great job.

I want to go one step further. 

The prizes donated to the Kilted to Kick Cancer fundraiser were all wonderful, thoughtful, generous prizes. Every person and company that donated something to the fundraiser went above and beyond to help us out - some, like Michael and Dennis, offering literally their own sweat for the cause. That's something, man. Give our sponsors some love if you need a kilt, custom holster, training, boots, ammunition, a new firearm, or gunnie gear.

There's still a chance to "win" some of these prizes, though. 

I've decided, after consultation with some of the donors, to auction off my second-place winnings and donate what's raised to the Prostate Cancer Foundation. My participation in Kilted to Kick Cancer was aimed at raising money and awareness, and it seems fitting that I have one more chance to raise some extra money. The prizes are great, don't misunderstand me, but I wanted to give a little more back.

I'm going to run it auction-style much like eBay. Call it eJay if you want. E-mail me your bids with the word "BID" in the subject line, with the item you're bidding on and the amount in the body of the e-mail. If there is sufficient interest/bidding war, I'll post a daily update with the leading bid and bidder posted. Each item will have a "Reserve Price" that will need to be met before the auction can be completed for that item - if the reserve is not met, the item will not be won. No getting a voucher for $5, sorry.

The prizes are:
  • A $250 gift certificate from Hornady Ammunition.
  • Free registration to one of Todd Louis Green's handgun classes. Todd is one of the most highly regarded handgun trainers around, and he teaches all over the country. Check his site for upcoming classes in your area!
  • A $150 voucher off of a new kilt ($300) from Kilt This, choice of one of their standard designs in your color choice, and one kilt chain.
  • Custom Dragon Leatherworks Talon holster for your semiauto handgun, inlaid with your family tartan or one of Dennis'  standard hide inlays.
(yes, I did lift that straight from AD...)

All proceeds will be donated to the Prostate Cancer Foundation to further prostate cancer research. The auction will run for this week and next, concluding at 11:59 PM on Friday, October 21st. Winning bidders will be contacted by Monday, October 24th with instructions on how to collect prizes. At present time, the Dragon Leatherworks custom holster and the Pistol-Training course are confirmed as transferable; the Kilt This! voucher and Hornady certificate are assumed to be transferable and will be confirmed shortly (obviously, if either is non-transferable, it will be removed from the auction).

Any questions, ask away - and start bidding!

That is all.


Ambulance Driver said...

You are a class act, Jay G.

A horrible shot and a little funny looking, but a class act. ;)

Jay G said...

At least I can keep my pants in one piece...


Thanks AD. I was concerned about your reaction, knowing how hard you worked to secure these awesome prizes.

I'm glad to see I figured rightly...

Will Brown said...

I'm pretty sure I cracked the bid reserve on the Kilt This voucher, but I'm having a bit of difficulty guesstimating the Talon holster. I know what Dennis charges for one and have a custom holster (on the way) so have a good idea of his customisation pricing. Te difficulty is in figuring that last into the bid; I know the holster is "free" to the successful bidder (essentially you already own it), but I also know what Dennis' work is really worth - I just don't want to bid that high if I don't have to!

It's been 13 hours already, are we supposed to go into this thing with no idea of the reserve?

(Yes, I know that's how these things actually work; I'm just bitchin about it, that's all.)

w/v: someness (it must mean something-ness or other :))

Old NFO said...

Good on ya Jay, you ARE a class act!!!

Skip said...

Good onya Bro!!