Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Gun Pr0n #248

Alternate title: Ask and ye shall receive...

I love my readers. I really do. I mentioned Weerd's great idea, and got a whole bunch of pictures showing how my readers keep themselves safe in the dark... So here goes!

Stithjim goes for the classic:

Rock Island

His description:

Here is my candle to prevent gun violence (against myself and others). It is a .45acp Rock Island Tactical 1911 filled with 8 rounds of 230gr Speer Gold Dot JHP and a Brommeland ( Max Con V IWB holster.

Reader treestump bucked the trend (you'll see) and went with a double-stack:


And his description:

Jay, this is my CA 75. Carried each and every day in a dragon, leather works talon. 127 grain,pebbles o love.

Pamela links us to one-stop shopping. Heh.

Chiefjaybob has a 1911 as well:

'Nother SA

Hi Jay.

Here's my entry for the Brady Campaign Light-a-Candle-for-Gun-Violence-and-Prevent-Forest-Fires-for-duh-childrez event.

I'm no Oleg Volk, but it is my best effort. This is, obviously, my Springer GI 1911. Nothing special about this gun, but it's probably the most photogenic firearm I have.

You may use this or not, at your discretion. I'm also sending this to Weer'd, as he is going to do the same thing.

Your man in the Flatlands and fellow Jay-Brother;


Old Radar Tech has a GREAT one:

Another 1911!

He gave me an idea...

Not a candle - a 70 year old Coleman lantern (I collect and restore them). When you want light, go with "The Sunshine of the Night" (an old Coleman slogan). I can't show it lit - the lantern would wash out everything else.

And Skip sends in this lovely Kimber:


Here's the specs:

Kimber Gold Match .45ACP, hand loaded Hornady XTP 200gr. A. E. Nelson, left handed, vertical, clamshell shoulder rig, with two Wilson Combat 8 round mags.

Finally, I had to do my own, with a tip 'o' the keyboard to Old Radar Tech:

My Carry Colt

That lantern is older than I am - and if I lit it, it would wash everything out, too...

That is all.


Stithjim said...

Hmm....not a single Glock.

Begin Flame War!

Jay G said...

Heh. Just for that Imma post my Glock tomorrow... :D

Mopar said...

I'll send a Glock pic or 2 tonight.

BTW, anyone on Facebook feel free to add a picture here as well:

North said...

I have mine on my side-bar at GBBL.

Old Radar Tech said...

Rage, RAGE against the dying of the light...

Skip said...

What is this glock you speak of?

Robin said...

Here is mine!!!!!!