Monday, July 21, 2008

BloggerShoot Linky Love...

Before I offer my thoughts on yesterday's 2008 Northeast Bloggershoot Meeting, here's a round-up of what other participants thought:

Bruce has a video of the start of the Shoot, as well as rare footage of redneck trap. He also documents the only way to really insure your old computer's hard drives are inaccessible once you throw them away...

Doubletrouble weaves a tale of being invaded by a whole bunch of gun-totin' weirdos. He also is responsible for arranging for Paul of State Line Gun Shop stopping by with some marvelous toys.

JD thinks we should have had nametags and promises to put up pictures later.

Liberty liked the subgun and posts pictures of one of the other childhood toy-turned victim.

TOTWTYTR posts a list of his ordnance and requests pictures. I'll second that request - while I remembered my camera (and tripod!), I was crazy busy running around like a madman (what else is new) trying to make sure everything was going smoothly.

And Ted, who posted the Teletubby bayonet charge video, has a follow-up.

Marko posts his impressions as well. Great to have you back among the blogging, buddy, and it was great meeting you. Even if you do think I am unhinged... *g*

Still waiting to hear from Lissa, who went from being a relative firearm noob to an experienced pistolero, shotgunner, and machine gunner in one day and Weer'd Beard (who was responsible for making us late... *g*)

Up next: Additions to the blogroll, followed by my impressions. And some pictures...

That is all.


Bruce said...

I'll eventually get all these clips into a Best of Bloggershoot compilation.

The clip of the Furby singing his own funeral dirge in Furbish is pretty creepy. It's like he's calmly awaiting his fate. His turn to die.

JD said...

OK, sorry about the name tag thing and comments on your late arrival. . . .

I did post a better update since then. . . Pics still to come.

Anyone know of a way we can post them that is secure secure so we can share them ourselves without letting the world in on it?? I know a few folks said they didn't want to get ID'd

Anonymous said...

SO. MUCH. FUN. My first post is up, with at least two more to come. Thank you EVERYONE!!!

p.s. Jay G, any chance of getting an email with names matched to screen names?

Weer'd Beard said...

I'll get a post up this evening....or maybe on the train ride home.

Busy day at the office, and MAN did I not want to leave my bed this morning.

And OW, my shoulder feels like burger!!!