Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Full Disclosure...

Unc had a good idea. In the wake of this INSANE FTC ruling, here are some disclosures to keep MArooned out of trouble should some manufacturer decide to gift us with products for testing.

The official firearm of MArooned is the Smith & Wesson revolver. Glock is the official large caliber handgun, Kel-Tec the smaller one. The rifle is a Bushmaster, the shotgun is a Mossberg. Other favored brands are SigSauer, Colt, Winchester, Ruger, Browning, Remington, and North American Arms.

Winchester White Box, Federal bulk .22LR, Blazer Brass, and Remington UMC are the standard practice ammo; Speer Gold Dot or Federal Hydra-Shok are the standard self-defense ammo.

Crossbreed tuckable, Bianchi and Don Hume IWB, and DeSantis are the holsters of choice for the MArooned firearms.

MidwayUSA is far and away the preferred vendor, with Brownells, GlockWorld, and LA Police Gear also supplying the goods.

In a nutshell, the FTC can kiss my hairy Italian ass. One can only imagine how much outrage this ruling would have entailed had it happened during the Bush administration; the fact that it's been drafted with nary a whiff of opposition from the quislings in the press tells you all you need to know. Remember this the next time some jackass screams "PATRIOT ACT" about the Bush administration.

This is what MA did with the Approved Firearms Roster writ large. Basically, the FTC has said, thou shalt not say anything we don't approve of. However, there was no law passed, so it's much harder to challenge in court. There's also no criminal penalties, just an insanely high fine that will be bourne by the accused individual.

The effects of this ruling should chill the marrow of any freedom-loving American, whether they vote left, right or middle...

That is all.

Side note: should any of the aforementioned vendors and/or manufacturers - or any other, for that matter - wish to gift the management of MArooned with items for testing or for personal use, we are always open to offers. They say everyone has their price. Ours is shockingly cheap...

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