Saturday, February 4, 2017


I'm still here. Blog's still here. I just forgot to renew the domain (that's what happens when it's every other year - you keep thinking, it's next year, right; every other year you're wrong...)

Haven't blogged much in [looks at last post] holy shit, over three months. Ouch. Quite frankly, the current state of politics has me so disgusted I can't even see straight - between both sides switching their views overnight, the media just making shit up out of whole cloth, and general derpitude, I don't have the energy to comment on political stuff. Any gun content I put up is at the work site, and I no longer have Massachusetts idiocy to feed the fire for blogging.

Will try not to let so much time elapse between posts going forward, though.

Those that e-mailed or messaged to ask me what was going on, thanks. It's comforting to know folks are looking out for me, no matter how far away they might be. I've got a handful of milestones coming up (I've been blogging here for 10 years as of next month. Holy smokes! I've also been blood pressure medicine-free for 10 years in May). I'll try to resuscitate the blog more often, too.

Maybe I'll post traffic updates - I got a webcam for Christmas, so that should provide ample fodder...

That is all.


Rob said...

Sounds like real life is going on. I do wonder about that correlation between the BP meds & blogging...

Old NFO said...

Welcome back! :-)

Terrapod said...


What was it that allowed you to get off the meds? Weight loss? Just curious as my doc keeps harping at me and has me on a low dose of diuretics which I don't think are making enough difference to make a difference, and I measure daily and sometimes twice daily to see what the stats are saying.

Borepatch said...

Glad you're not gone.

And road rage was always your forte. Do you have an opinion on the proposed Virginia law to ticket people driving slowly in the left lane?

riverrider said...

borepatch, what's this you speak of? i wrote lots of tickets to said offenders way back in the 80's. it's called "driving to impede traffic." still on the books as far as i know. but they should raise it to felony level.

Jay G said...

Rob (and TerraPod),

It was far more losing weight and exercising that got me off the blood pressure meds, although blogging was certainly cathartic as well. :)

It's amazing what going from 300 pounds to 175 and completely sedentary to working out 4-5 times a week will do.

Thanks Old NFO!


I'm glad, too. Honestly, a huge chunk of my raison d'etre for blogging - living in the Volksrepublik - is no longer. There's no more Approved Handguns Roster [spit], "Assault Weapons Ban" or May Issue for permits (I don't even need a permit to own anymore!).

Traffic and politics may very well pull me back in, though...

As for the proposed ordinance, I agree with riverrider. There's already a charge on the books drivers can be hit with. Why add more?

libertyman said...

Geez, Jay, I had almost given up on you! Funny how when you get paid to write for a living as you do now, you are less inclined to give it away!

You had me going when the blog site came up as available.

Anyway, great to have you back, and we will have to figure out a way to get together again, either down south or up here.

(About 16 inches of snow today -- do you miss that?)