Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Quick Bloggershoot Update...

Let's see... most of the pertinent information can be found in last week's update. However, we have one new blogger coming, the delightful Theresa from Technicalities.

We also have an admonition from the range owner: Bring bug spray. Apparently during his July 4th celebration he was nearly carried off by skeeters with wingspans approaching that of a Piper Cub (his words).

Now that we're getting closer, it's time to talk ordnance... I'm planning on bringing things in threes:

Winchester 1300
Stevens model 31

Centerfire rifle:
VEPR .308
Mosin/Nagant 91/30
Third player to be named later - help me decide!

.22 rifle:
Remington 511
Marlin 39A
Remington Nylon 66

Ruger Security Six
Colt Gold Cup
Sig 226

(Might be a couple other handguns if folks are interested...)

Anything in particular anyone would like to try out? Any attendees have something unusual/crazy accurate/super tacti-cool they'd like to show off?

I'll need to know if I need to bring any exotic calibers...

That is all...


JD said...

Hey you can put me down for these:

AR-15 in .223
WASR 10 in 7.62

.22 rifle:
Nylon 66

S&W .22 target revolver
Makarov .380

I have a sporterized .303 Enfield I can bring if there is any interest in high power stuff. . .

Anonymous said...

Damn I wish I could make it. Please be sure to document it on film/video. Hope y'all have good time!

Anonymous said...

Angus Lincoln, my ordnance will consist of 1) Canon PowerShot SD600, 2) chocolate-peanut-butter-chip cookies. (Hangs head in shame.)

Jay G said...

Ooh, cookies!

No reason to hang your head in shame, Lissa. There will be plenty of ordnance to sample from us gun nuts... :)

I'm actually thinking about taking the following Monday off just so I can clean all my guns...

JD said...

Ya, I was trying not to think of all the time I will be cleaning after this but if you want to have fun you have to pay the piper. . . .

Anonymous said...

Helping you decide. I like the classics. I'd suggest the lever-gun in .30-30 or the 8mm Mauser. Then again, being of Germanic descent, I am biased towards Mausers.

- Brad

TOTWTYTR said...

I'm thinking one of the 9mm Smiths, a 10/22, a Mosin, or maybe an Enfield. And, if I'm lucky, maybe a round gun in .22 LR.

Jay G said...

I've never shot an Enfield, if that helps your decision...

JD said...

OK, Enfield is in then. . . Least I can do for they guy setting this up

Teresa said...

Why thank you for the kind words. :-)

I still plan on attending, complete with Nikon D80... don't know about the cookies, but mebbe I can whip some up.

I should mention, my father is in the hospital, so if y'all could cross your fingers and send some prayers, he could use them about now. I want him on the mend instead of the alternative.

Kim du Toit said...

Gah... wish I could be there, but I already filled my "Northeast trip" quota for the year.

Next year, maybe, if I can get Jay to remind me earlier...

Jay G said...




Fingers crossed and requests made to the Man Upstairs.


Mental notes made. There will be a repeat next year, and notice will be sent sooner.

That would have been cool.

It will also be a moral imperative to talk to my contacts at the local Class III range just so you can shoot machine guns in Ted Kennedy's back yard...


Bruce said...

Excellent. I can bring one or two from each category with no overlap (not that "extra" guns would be a bad thing).


Remington 870
Stevens single-shot

Centerfire Rifles:

Yugo SKS


Ruger 10/22 DSP
Henry lever action (if the wife doesn't catch me sneaking it out of the house)


Ruger P345 (.45ACP)
Ruger LCP (.380 Auto)
Baby Browning knock-off (.25 ACP)


100 rounds 12 ga. #8
100 rounds .380 Auto
200 rounds .45ACP
Unknown quantity of 7.62x39
Unknown quantity of 12 ga. 00 Buck
1500-ish rounds of .22LR

That's pretty good...for starters.

Jay G said...

Mental note2: Bring P3AT so we can have a head-to-head test.

As far as ammo, I'm planning on loading up the truck until the rear shocks complain, and then adding a few more cases of .22LR...


JD said...

I'll bring all I got to feed my bang sticks. . . . about 100-200 rounds for each and a brick of .22 . . .

Anonymous said...

used dryer sheets when rubbed on the skin work wonders for repelling mosquitos

Jay G said...

I just realized...

We have several new shooters in the mix.

I will therefore be bringing the Smith & Wesson Models 17 and 422 (with red dot sight).

And *still* more .22LR ammo than we could possibly use...

Weer'd Beard said...

Definetly going to bring my Mossberg 590 (with bayonet...because I need that to shoot skeet!)
Mosin Nagant M44
Romanian SKS
S&W 617 .22
Maybe my Glenfield M60 to compare with yours, Jay
My Stainless S&W 1911
and maybe my CZ-52 just for loud noise.

Oh I can also bring my Indian Enfield 2A

Looking forward to this!

doubletrouble said...

I dunno about this thing you guys are planning...

there might be LOUD NOISE??!!??

Jay G said...

I know, I know... Loud noise. Perish the thought. Whatever will the neighbors think?